A Legislative Rendition of Frosty the Snowman – 16 December 2016

Here is my Member’s statement from today.


Premier Gallant was a jolly, happy soul
With his corn cob pipe and his local pot
And his plan to phase out coal

The Premier’s pipeline is a fairy tale some say,
and everyone knows,
that I’m the on—ly one who voted ‘nay’

There must have been some magic in that
Don Mills poll they found,
for when they told him the numbers there he began to dance around.

Oh Premier Gallant, was as healthy as he could be,
For that’s what Mathieu and Adam told us in their homily

Trash-talking Enbridge, trash-talking Enbridge, look at the PCs go
Trash-talking Enbridge, trash-talking Enbridge, that got us closure, whoa

The member from Quispam knew the race would be tight that day,
So he said, let’s run and we’ll have some fun now,
before the race draws Dubé

Down to the Assembly with the ed plan in his hand,
Running here and there all around the House, saying there’s no immersion plan

He hounded them each morning during every QP,
and only paused a moment, when we stopped after week 3
For Premier Gallant, had to hurry on his trip
But he said it’ll wait, until we meet, when I’m back from the Francophonie

Trash-talking Enbridge, trash-talking Enbridge, Look at the opposition go
Trash-talking Enbridge, Trash-talking Enbridge, That got us closure, whoa!