An Act to Amend the Education Act

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What is An Act to Amend the Education Act :
This bill grew out of the report of the national Truth and Reconciliation Commission published in June of 2015. This report included a section of recommendations aimed at changing our educational institutions. The commision requested that governments develop culturally appropriate curricula. The recommendations can be found on page 320-321 of Honouring the Truth Reconciling for the Future: Summary of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

In New Brunswick, our Education Act already has a section dedicated to Aboriginal support and curriculum. Our bill is an amendment that places greater responsibility on government to incorporate aboriginal culture and history into the New Brunswick curriculum.

Currently the Education Act has the following language:

Programs and services in relation to aboriginal education

7 The Minister may prescribe or approve programs and services which
a) respond to the unique needs of Mi’kmaq and Maliseet children in accordance with any agreement entered into under paragraph 50(2)(b), and
b) foster an understanding of aboriginal history and culture among all pupils.

Our Bill will replace the word ‘may’ with the word ‘ shall’.

You can see the full text of the bill here: An Act to Amend the Education Act