April 22 is Earth Day: Let’s Do More Than Pick Up Garbage

Fredericton – This year Earth Day comes on the heels of Premiers’ climate summit in Quebec City at which Ontario and Quebec Premiers announced a joint cap/trade emissions program.

“Earth Day would be a great day for Premier Gallant to announce how he is going to strengthen New Brunswick’s climate action plan so we don’t miss our emissions reduction target in 2020,“ said David Coon, MLA for Fredericton-South and the Leader of the Green Party. “As we approach the International Climate Summit in Paris in December, now is the time for the Premier to act to reduce industry and transportation emissions in New Brunswick, and set more ambitious renewable energy targets.”

In recognition of Earth Day, Coon will participate in the fourth annual Fredericton Clean Up event (#fredcleanup), presented by Picaroons and Fredericton Green Matters, happening in his riding. The family-friendly event will take place on Sunday, April 26th and begin at 12:30 at The Station on York Street. There will be music, snacks and beverages available.

“Just as with climate change, litter is a symptom of unsustainable levels of consumption, which became apparent to me when, as a young person in the scouting movement, I earned my environment badge for cleaning up litter. After picking up the garbage, a week later there was even more litter lying around the area I had cleaned up,” said Coon. “Of course the waste that goes into our atmosphere as carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels can’t be cleaned up at all, so the only option is to reduce our emissions.” Green Party leader says the level of resource and energy consumption is unsustainable in Canada.

According to the United Nations, if current patterns of consumption and production energy and resources remain the same, by 2050 we will require three planet Earths to sustain humanity.

“Earth Day reminds us that we are going to have to do more with less, and we need our government fully engaged to help move our society in that direction,” said Coon.