Are Woodlot Owners the Last Frontier Against the Corporatization of NB Forests?

We know rural NB is struggling and at the same time our own government is undermining the ability of private woodlot owners to earn an income and operate their businesses. They refuse to enforce the laws that were designed to ensure woodlot owners were treated fairly in a market dominated by giant forestry companies. Check out the following video for more information:

In video 1 we looked at how the New Brunswick government has been showing signs of being captured by the interests of the big forestry companies. In this video, we’re going to explain how government policy is using public resources to serve the private interests of a few major forestry corporations.

When it comes to forestry our provincial governments have a long history of making short-sighted decisions that benefit the private interests of the large forestry companies, not the common good. Check out this timeline that explains the last 35 years of forest management policy in 5 minutes.