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Why Liberal and PC MLAs rarely ‘go Long’ and vote against their parties – CBCNews – 12 October 2017


It’s exceedingly rare to see a Liberal or PC MLA break ranks with their party in the provincial legislature. (Jacques Poitras/CBC) Author by : Jacques Poitras Photo by : Jacques Poitras If members are unwilling to exercise their authority as given to them by their constituents on the floor of the legislative assembly, there are no checks and balances on […]

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HOUSING FIRST the rest will follow


HOUSING FIRST the rest will follow … from on Vimeo. HOUSING FIRST the rest will follow was created by filmmaker Lloyd Salomone in partnership with the John Howard Society of Fredericton and Tim Fox (Former Executive director at Fredericton Community Foundation). In the film, Sandy explains her life and her experiences with homelessness as well as what it means […]

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Province ‘continuing to work on’ 2015 recommendation designed to help private woodlot owners – CBCNews – 10 October 2017


Author by : Jacques Poitras Photo by : Jacques Poitras The only thing we know for sure is you’re still not complying with the regulation, correct? – David Coon The New Brunswick government still hasn’t implemented a two-year-old recommendation to give private woodlot owners a more reliable share of the wood being sold to major forestry mills. Officials from the […]

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Update: 380 Sears call centre workers in N.B. to lose their jobs – Telegraph Journal – October 10, 2017


Author by: JOHN CHILIBECK Legislature Bureau Photo by: JOHN CHILIBECK Legislature Bureau I was as surprised as anyone else, given the business news about Sears at the time, that they would engage to bring the company to New Brunswick and open call centres. – David Coon Officials announce the opening of an Edmundston call centre in this January file photo, […]

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Sitting parties prepare as countdown to New Brunswick election begins – Global News – 25 September 2017


Author by : Jeremy Keefe Video by : Jeremy Keefe WATCH: With now less than one year to go before the 2018 provincial election the parties occupying seats at the legislature are ramping up efforts to secure votes. Jeremy Keefe has more. The countdown to the 2018 New Brunswick provincial election is on as less than one year remains before […]

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Teams camp out under cardboard to support homeless youth – Global News – 1 October 2017


Author by : Jeremy Keefe Video by : Jeremy Keefe Young people came together to support a local homeless shelter for at-risk youth at the Twelve Hours for the Homeless fundraiser on the lawn of the New Brunswick Legislature Assembly Building on Saturday night. Over 100 participants took part in the event, by raising money and building shelters out of […]

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Inadequate annual reporting by government departments prevents committee effectiveness


Fredericton – The Public Accounts committee is beginning two weeks of public hearings to follow up on the Auditor General’s recommendations and examine the expenditures of government departments. David Coon, Green party leader and MLA for Fredericton South, is concerned about the lack of details being provided to the committee by departments. “In my preparation as a member of the […]

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More recycling options, same amount of garbage: data – Telegraph Journal – 26 September – 2017


Author by: JOHN CHILIBECK Legislature Bureau Photo by : SHANE MAGEE/TIMES & TRANSCRIPT Those mountains of garbage contain plenty of material that could be recycled and reused — material that’s needlessly filling up costly landfill space. – David Coon New Brunswickers have more recycling options than ever, but the amount of garbage being buried is the same as nearly 30 […]

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