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Green Party Leader flags flaws in NB cannabis framework


Fredericton – The Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick and MLA for Fredericton South, David Coon, flagged concerns over the province’s cannabis legislative framework months ago that still have not been addressed. “When this government was bringing its cannabis legislation through the House this past winter, I identified several important gaps, including a lack of restrictions on marketing […]

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Why I Chose Green

Why I chose Green

My grandfather graduated from grade six, and he was one of the smartest men I have ever known. In our family, getting Papa, as we called him, to complete grade six was always talked about as a success – something to celebrate. My grandparents ran a small successful farm, and they were immersed in their community, like many of us […]

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Green Party Leader Statement on World Environment Day


Fredericton – The Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick and MLA for Fredericton South, David Coon, issued the following statement in recognition of World Environment Day: “In New Brunswick, plastics are littering our beaches, our streets, and our public places. They are polluting our rivers and our coastal waters, harming aquatic and marine life. It’s time we start […]

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An Update from your MLA


As everyone knows by now, the Sir Max Aitken pool at UNB will stay open for the next 3 years to provide the time needed to plan for a new aquatic centre to serve the greater Fredericton area. The provincial government was convinced at the 11th hour that it should bridge the financial gap that the City and UNB had been unable to close in order to prolong the life of the existing pool…

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Community Gatherings – 2018


Concerns about parking, a lack of walk-in health clinics, treacherous potholes / sidewalks, multi-use trails and bike lanes, a lack of neighbourhood-oriented focus by the city, and concern about private / secret contracts with nursing homes are just a few of the issues that have been raised at community gatherings hosted by Green Party Leader and Fredericton South MLA David […]

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The Great Flood of 2018

Flooding on Winslow

The spring of 2018 will go down in history as the year of the great flood, a flood that swept rapidly across the province, leaving an abundance of damage in its wake. Historically high flood levels affected communities along the St. John River Valley and, as the water began to encroach dangerously on their properties, many tenants, residents and business […]

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Hidden Faces of Poverty: Stories Untold


Poverty is an issue that, directly or indirectly, affects all New Brunswickers. Individuals living in poverty, specifically recipients of social assistance programs, face numerous barriers to their quality of life. Hidden Faces of Poverty: Stories Untold is an event dedicated to highlighting the impact of these barriers. Social action interns Andrew Daniels, Emma Kilpatrick, Natalia Martinez and Taylor Newman from […]

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