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Petition: Privatization of Healthcare


Today I presented an official petition against the privatization of our healthcare system organized by the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick. The paper petition was signed by 3052 concerned citizens across the province. The Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick also created a non-official online petition which received 1167 signatures. The total is 4219 signatures. Thank you to the SANB for […]

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Despite federal doubts, Brian Gallant unwavering — for now — on subtle ‘carbon tax’ – CBCNews – 15 December 2017


Premier Brian Gallant says other provinces will have to catch up with New Brunswick before the government can considers a carbon tax that people will notice. (Jacques Poitras/CBC) Author by : Jacques Poitras/CBC Photo by : Jacques Poitras/CBC There’s all kinds of ways you can do that creatively so that people who aren’t part of the problem don’t pay any […]

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Cathy Rogers defends province’s planning for its pot business – CBCNews – 15 December 2017


Author by : Gail Harding, CBC News Photo by : CBCNews The thing that I’m concerned about particularly is the regulatory regime that’s been proposed by the government through five separate bills is not getting the scrutiny it needs. – David Coon Finance Minister Cathy Rogers says having cannabis sold in a totally controlled, tightly overseen market at CannabisNB stores […]

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Reckless Restructuring of our Public Health Program Threatens our Health and Economy

David Photo Leg. 5

Written by Marilyn Merritt-Gray, Candidate in Gagetown-Petitcodiac The Liberal Health Minister Victor Boudreau’s plan to dramatically restructure New Brunswick’s Public Health Program flies in the face of advice from Canadian Public Health experts and poses a significant threat to our health and our economy. An Editorial in the Canadian Journal of Public Health (2017) penned by seven Public Health leaders […]

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Liberal minister cheered as he stands up for Irving and big mills – CBCNews – 14 December 2017


Author by: Connell Smith Photo by: CBCNews Why has the minister of energy and resource development abdicated his legal responsibility to woodlot owners and failed to enforce his own legislation? – David Coon Rick Doucet, the minister of energy and resource development, suggested Thursday that this isn’t a good time to raise issues about the treatment of woodlot owners in […]

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