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Member’s Statement: Auditor General and the Lotteries and Gaming Commission – 16 December 2015


Mr. Speaker, yesterday the Auditor General reported concerns with the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming commission. Unfortunately, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation already appeared before the Crown Corporations committee on November 17 and will not return until next fall. No one will be able to address these concerns publicly until that time. The committee would have benefitted from the knowledge contained […]

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Question Period: Dr. Eilish Cleary – December 10, 2015


The following is the preliminary Hansard transcript of the Question Period on December 10, 2015 recorded in the language it was originally spoken. Mr. Coon: The Minister of Health said that he would provide information to this House about why our Chief Medical Officer of Health was unceremoniously dumped from her post if she gave her consent to do so. Yet, as […]

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Green Party Leader looks to government to reintroduce Vote 16

David Photo Leg. Chambers 2

Fredericton – On Tuesday, the Legislative Assembly will meet to end its first sitting, and all unresolved bills on the order paper will be left behind, including the Vote 16 Bill introduced by David Coon, MLA for Fredericton South and Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick.  It had passed second reading and was waiting on the government to […]

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Time for a Reboot: Nine ways to restore trust in Canada’s public institutions


Canada’s Public Policy Forum has put together a very useful report: Time for a Reboot: Nine ways to restore trust in Canada’s public institutions. It identifies a number of problems with how our public institutions have eroded over time and a series of recommendations to combat this erosion and restore a healthy balance of power. The reality: Reform is necessary […]

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Information Morning with Terry Seguin: Language Questions


On Monday, November 9, 2011, David Coon, MLA for Fredericton South and Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick spoke with Terry Seguin on Information morning. They discussed the recent events surrounding the investigation of the Official Languages Commissioner and the reduction in work hours for the Commissionaire, Wayne Grant. Click the above link to listen to the interview. […]

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The system is the system


The System: Each year the government of New Brunswick provides Summer Employment and Experience Development (SEED) grants to non-profit organizations. These organizations apply for SEED funding to hire students over the summer. Each spring, the MLAs are given a list of organisations within their ridings that have applied for this funding. They are also assigned a certain number of weeks […]

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