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The Energy Transition Provides an Alternative to Current Economic Policy


By David Coon Young people get it. In the face of a rapidly deteriorating climate, and ocean waters that are acidifying, we have to get off oil, gas, and coal. That means we need to actively pursue an energy transition, from a society dependent on fossil fuels, to one that depends on green renewable energy sources. This is an integral […]

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Climate Change Fund Mostly Funding Existing Government Expenditures


Fredericton – According to Green Party Leader David Coon, most of the government’s Climate Change Fund is a re-allocation of expenditures the government was already making. “This government’s Climate Change Fund is empty,” said Coon. “I discovered, from questioning cabinet ministers at Estimates Committee, this is merely an accounting exercise, re-branding existing spending.” Seventy percent of the money branded as […]

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Fixing the Economy, Starts Here at Home


In my last commentary, I wrote about the priority the Green Party places on increasing the local production of goods and services to replace imports, as a means to create work and lasting prosperity right here at home. This Monday, two important studies were released which illustrate the potential of import replacement as an effectives strategy for economic development. New […]

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Sparking Economic Development by Substituting Local Production for Imports


When we hear the old-time political parties arguing about the economy, it seems to have precious little to do with the economy in which we participate every day. Think of the locally-owned hardware store, pharmacy, child care centre, farmers’ market, grocery store, gym, barber, hairdresser, taxi service, brew pub, appliance repair service, restaurant, theatre, or art gallery. All of these […]

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Green party leader’s Energy Security Act to receive second reading


Fredericton –Green Party leader David Coon’s bill to create jobs in upgrading the energy efficiency of homes and transitioning to clean, green renewable energy will be debated at second reading in the Legislature on Thursday. “If the Green Energy Security Act is adopted, our hardware stores and building centres will be buzzing with business, and our carpenters and electricians will […]

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New Brunswick could be the first province in Canada to grow a truly green economy


We have a golden opportunity to be the first province in Canada to grow a truly green economy. Energy efficient and fueled by green energy where the energy bills and carbon footprints of our homes and businesses will be modest, but the opportunities will be ample. It’s no time to be timid. The green energy transition is a societal project […]

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No Transparency Around the Canada-New Brunswick Low Carbon Economy Agreement


M. Coon : En juin dernier, le gouvernement fédéral annonçait à son tour que le Nouveau- Brunswick recevrait 51 millions de dollars du Fonds pour une économie à faibles émissions de carbone, afin de réduire la dépendance aux combustibles fossiles. Six mois plus tard, la population du Nouveau-Brunswick n’a encore aucun détail au sujet de cette entente bilatérale avec Ottawa. […]

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