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Climate Change Fund Mostly Funding Existing Government Expenditures


Fredericton – According to Green Party Leader David Coon, most of the government’s Climate Change Fund is a re-allocation of expenditures the government was already making. “This government’s Climate Change Fund is empty,” said Coon. “I discovered, from questioning cabinet ministers at Estimates Committee, this is merely an accounting exercise, re-branding existing spending.” Seventy percent of the money branded as […]

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The Price of Managing Medavie’s Public Drug Programs


Today I asked questions about the Medavie drug programs. Specifically, I asked for the release of the contracts with Medavie for the Prescription Drug Program and the NB Drug Plan. M. Coon : Le gouvernement donne par contrat à Croix Bleue Medavie la gestion de deux programmes de médicaments. Pour la prochaine année, le Nouveau-Brunswick devra débourser plus de 200 […]

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Property Tax Appeal


If you feel your property value was over-assessed, you can: 1. Dispute the amount with the assessor. You can find the contact information for your regional assessment office here : 2. Fill out the “Request for Review of Assessment” on your property Assessment and Tax Notice. This must be done by March 31. Send it to the address on […]

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Question Period: Property Tax – 14 March 2017


Here is the video and transcript of oral questions, recorded in the language in which it was spoken. M. Coon : De nombreuses personnes du Nouveau-Brunswick, y compris moi-même, ont été choquées d’apprendre que la province a sous-traité la réévaluation non sollicitée de la valeur de la propriété du site Canaport NLG à une compagnie généralement utilisée par l’industrie pétrolière […]

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Budget Speech – 10 February 2017

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A budget represents an annual opportunity to make deliberate spending decisions to take positive action that will protect and empower the citizens of New Brunswick. I have spoken to those priorities which I know are shared by many of my constituents. Here are videos of the budget debate broken down into each topic of priority. Economic Transition Mr. Speaker, a […]

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Deliberate Decisions and Budget Choices

David Photo Leg. Chambers 2

Last week the government tabled its budget. Next week, I will have the chance to ask questions about the details, department by department at the Estimates and Fiscal Policy Committee. However, comparing this budget with last year’s, many of the choices made by the Premier and cabinet are clear. We heard in the budget speech that funding to the Department […]

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What are the checks and balances on public spending? Telegraph Journal – December 7, 2016


Green Party leader David Coon says people want improvements to public services, not cuts. What can really get many of us riled up is government waste. We’ve all heard at least one story that’s a real head-shaker. For some, the answer is to cut government. For me, that’s just shooting ourselves in the foot, or worse. Public services have already […]

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