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Motion: Proportional Representation, 24 October 2018


WHEREAS the 2018 New Brunswick General Election produced a minority government where the proportion of Members elected to the Legislative Assembly does not reflect the proportion of votes received by each party in the election; WHEREAS Fair Vote Canada found that Legislatures using proportional representation are more stable, as there is no incentive for calling a quick election in order […]

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Proportional representation should be on the ballot for 2018


M. Coon : Le Comité permanent de la politique économique s’est réuni pendant 85 heures depuis le 7 novembre pour examiner et modifier des projets de loi, mais aucun des amendements que j’ai proposés n’a été accepté. De plus, des projets de loi importants, comme celui visant à modifier la Loi sur la santé publique, n’ont même pas été étudiés. […]

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The Corporatization of the Public Service Trumps Public Accountability

David Photo Leg. Front 4

A key function of the Legislative Assembly is to exercise control over government action, according to the Legislative Assembly’s website. While the idea of an assembly of elected representative exercising control over the actions of a premier and his or her cabinet may sound revolutionary, it is how our system of parliamentary democracy is actually supposed to work, and it […]

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Coon calls latest provincial government restructuring a ‘gutting’ – Telegraph Journal – 1 September 2017


Article by : Robert Williams Photo by : Mathieu Roy-Comeau This is a good example of why we can’t afford to have another majority government in this province. We need, after the next election, a minority government so that a caucus of Greens, for example, could ensure this kind of bad behaviour doesn’t happen anymore. – David Coon Green Party […]

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Big-Hearted Contracts for Multi-Nationals


This was one of those weeks where cynicism hovered over the Legislative committee room threatening to soak my sense of hope that politicians can do better. Auditor General Kim McPherson presented the first volume of her work for the year to our Public Accounts Committee. Our job is to ensure that Departments spend the budgets approved by the Legislative Assembly […]

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“It’s Incredible! I just could not believe my eyes!”- Jean-Claude Basque – 21 June 2017


By Jean-Claude Basque It’s Incredible! I just could not believe my eyes! Moncton – “These are just a few of the nice words that came to my mind when I read the news about the Department of Social Development paying Ernst and Young $13.2 million dollars without even going to the tender process.“ says Johanne Petitpas, co-chair of the Common […]

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