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The Price of Managing Medavie’s Public Drug Programs


Today I asked questions about the Medavie drug programs. Specifically, I asked for the release of the contracts with Medavie for the Prescription Drug Program and the NB Drug Plan. M. Coon : Le gouvernement donne par contrat à Croix Bleue Medavie la gestion de deux programmes de médicaments. Pour la prochaine année, le Nouveau-Brunswick devra débourser plus de 200 […]

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Green Party Leaders Response to the Budget Speech


Nine point six billion dollars is what government intends to spend to serve the people of our province. Despite $165 million in additional revenue over what was received this past year, this budget will drive our deficit back up to $189 million by spending $235 million more than last year. After three years of effort to balance the books, this […]

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Minor Infections Could be Treated by Pharmacists


The video and transcript of oral questions are recorded in the language it was originally spoken. M. Coon : Les pharmaciens peuvent traiter des infections mineures qui poussent présentement les gens à se présenter aux urgences des hôpitaux. Le système d’Assurance-maladie permettrait d’économiser beaucoup d’argent s’il couvrait les coûts de ces soins médicaux fournis par les pharmaciens au lieu d’obliger […]

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New Brunswick to get cut from Medavie-operated programs in other provinces – CBC NEWS – 12 January 2018


Article by: JACQUES POITRAS Photo by: CBC News “These are things that, from a research perspective, need to be kept in the public system,”-Marilyn Merritt-Gray Medavie will pay the province for any contract outside Atlantic Canada that mimics the health services it now manages in New Brunswick. Medavie Health Services New Brunswick would pay a one-time payment of 15 cents […]

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N.B. government could make money on Medavie deal – Telegraph Journal – 11 Janvier 2018


Article by: ADAM HURAS Legislature Bureau “There are details in there that bear examination,”-David Coon From left, Horizon Health Network Dr. Pamela Jarrett, Medavie CEO Bernard Lord, former Health Minister Victor Boudreau and Nurses Association of New Brunswick president Brenda Kinney prepare for a photo at the announcement that Medavie will take over telecare and extra-mura home programs in the […]

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Higgs won’t pledge to scrap Medavie deal-Telegraph Journal- 9 January 2018


Article by : ADAM HURAS Legislature Bureau Progressive Conservative Leader Blaine Higgs says he won’t promise to scrap the extra-mural contract with Medavie if his party forms government after the next election, saying it would be a “reckless” pledge. Progressive Conservative Leader Blaine Higgs says he won’t promise to scrap the extra-mural contract with Medavie if his party forms government […]

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Petition: Privatization of Healthcare


Today I presented an official petition against the privatization of our healthcare system organized by the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick. The paper petition was signed by 3052 concerned citizens across the province. The Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick also created a non-official online petition which received 1167 signatures. The total is 4219 signatures. Thank you to the SANB for […]

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New Brunswickers don’t want private management of health services


Here are my questions to the premier on privatising the management of our extra mural health services M. Coon : Hier, plus de 100 personnes, principalement des gens âgés, se sont rendus au bureau de circonscription du premier ministre, à Dieppe, pour lui transmettre un message clair : Le Programme extra-mural n’est pas à vendre. Des groupes de personnes âgées […]

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