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J.D. Irving launches suit against woodlot groups. CBC – 2 February 2017


by Connell Smith ‘It’s a classic case of injustice,’ says Green Party Leader David Coon. “Can you imagine if family farmers were treated this way or lobster fishermen were treated this way? There would be a revolution in parts of New Brunswick.” J.D. Irving Ltd. has launched a lawsuit against two groups representing private woodlot owners in southern New Brunswick. […]

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NB needs tougher power grid, poles to withstand ice storms, David Coon says. Global News – 1 February 2017


By Michael Tutton NB Power needs to rebuild its shattered network with tougher gear to help it withstand violent ice storms like the one that toppled power poles like dominoes last week, New Brunswick’s Green Party leader says. Photo: Diane Doiron/Global News NB Power needs to rebuild its shattered network with tougher gear to help it withstand violent ice storms […]

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Updated: Premier Brian Gallant suggesting against use of ‘quotas’ to ensure more women enter politics. TELEGRAPH JOURNAL – 11 January 2017


Adam Huras “That’s a standing policy of the Green Party,” Coon said, stating the party’s slate of candidates is to reflect the makeup of society. The Greens fielded 22 women out of a total of 46 candidates in 2014. “People bring their experiences to the table and women experience life differently than how men experience life,” Coon said. “It’s important […]

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What are the checks and balances on public spending? Telegraph Journal – December 7, 2016


Green Party leader David Coon says people want improvements to public services, not cuts. What can really get many of us riled up is government waste. We’ve all heard at least one story that’s a real head-shaker. For some, the answer is to cut government. For me, that’s just shooting ourselves in the foot, or worse. Public services have already […]

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New Brunswick’s first integrity commissioner appointed by premier. CBC – December 7, 2016.


By Jacques Poitras Retired New Brunswick Court of Appeal justice Alexandre Deschênes will become the province’s first integrity commissioner, an appointment supported by the opposition Progressive Conservatives and Green Party Leader David Coon. Premier Brian Gallant’s appointment of retired justice Alexandre Deschênes to the new post of integrity commissioner has the support of the two opposition parties in the legislature. […]

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New Brunswick to phase out coal, put price on carbon in new climate plan. Global News – December 7, 2016


WATCH ABOVE: The New Brunswick government has released its new climate change action plan. As Global’s Jeremy Keefe reports, many view the plan as proactive thinking on both the environmental and economic fronts. By Kevin Bissett The Canadian Press “This plan will stand shoulder to shoulder with those that Premier Couillard, Premier Wynne, Premier Notley have tabled earlier. It’s a […]

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