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Hidden Faces of Poverty: Stories Untold


Poverty is an issue that, directly or indirectly, affects all New Brunswickers. Individuals living in poverty, specifically recipients of social assistance programs, face numerous barriers to their quality of life. Hidden Faces of Poverty: Stories Untold is an event dedicated to highlighting the impact of these barriers. Social action interns Andrew Daniels, Emma Kilpatrick, Natalia Martinez and Taylor Newman from […]

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Green Party Leaders Response to the Budget Speech


Nine point six billion dollars is what government intends to spend to serve the people of our province. Despite $165 million in additional revenue over what was received this past year, this budget will drive our deficit back up to $189 million by spending $235 million more than last year. After three years of effort to balance the books, this […]

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Incarceration in a provincial jail should not end basic healthcare rights


The video and transcript of oral questions are recorded in the language it was originally spoken. M. Coon : Dernièrement, une personne âgée autochtone m’a contacté au sujet de son voisin détenu à la prison de Madawaska. Cet homme doit prendre des médicaments pour différents problèmes de santé liés à ses yeux, sa tension artérielle et son arthrite. Toutefois, voilà […]

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Greying provinces deserve larger health transfers: Senate report – Daily Gleaner – 6 July 2017


Article by Adam Huras Photo by Adrian Wyld In the midst of studying the impact of health-care costs on the country’s fastest-aging populations, New Brunswick Sen. Percy Mockler accidentally became the case study. Spending a weekend lugging around cinder blocks to build a new garden bed for his wife Susan at their St. Leonard home, Mockler pinched a nerve in […]

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Province has “two-tier” mental health system: critics. Telegraph-Journal – 3 May 2017


Article by Tom Bateman & John Chilibeck Photo by Tom Bateman “I am deeply disappointed the plan released today contains no actions to reduce the unbelievably long wait time to access mental health care from a counsellor or a psychiatrist. Those with the financial means are seeking help privately or outside of New Brunswick, creating a two-tier mental health care […]

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Mental Health: Question Period – 28 April 2017


Here is the video and transcript of oral questions today recorded in the language it was originally spoken. Mr. Coon: Yesterday, the government published the first pillar of its Family Plan, focusing on improving access to primary and acute care. Presumably, we will soon hear how government intends to improve access to mental health care. Earlier this month, when the […]

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