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Our Neighbours: Jen


My story of affordable housing in Fredericton is a complete nightmare. There is a definite divide between the rich and poor. We [the poor] are easily abused and no-one will listen. The idea is to isolate people and keep them away from the world. Most people forget that I am poor because I have an education. I am everything they’ve […]

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Our Neighbours: Nat


photo credit: Kelly Baker Photography What it’s like to be trans in Fredericton: Challenging. The government seems to have dragged its heels on a couple of issues compared to other provinces. BC has been covering some form of Gender Confirming Surgery since 1993, and most provinces have amended their Human Rights Acts in recognition of the discrimination trans people face. […]

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Our Neighbours: Charlie


photo courtesty of: Kelly Baker Photography What it’s like to be a physically fluid lesbian in Fredericton? It’s difficult to be a physically fluid lesbian in Fredericton because a lot of people don’t understand that sexuality is not black and white. I am solely emotionally attracted to females but I do not fit what people recognize as “lesbian”, so as […]

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Our Neighbours: Stel


Photo Credit: Kelly Baker Photography What it’s like to be a two-spirit/trans person in Fredericton?: I’d say it’s a privilege to be in a city where I have easy access to a health clinic that specializes in patient-driven trans health care. What could you do to make my day better?: You can do your part to make Fredericton a safe […]

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