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Government consultant paid $13M for $10M in savings – Telegraph-Journal – 20 June 2017


Article by Robert Williams Photo by Robert Williams It is extraordinary that this is happening. They’re issuing contracts for over $12 million without any clear objectives, without any clear measurables, without any clear deliverables, that seem to have been drawn up by the consultant on the consultant letterhead. – David Coon New Brunswick’s auditor general is blaming a “culture of […]

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N.B. editorial: Take auditor general’s findings to heart – Telegraph-Journal – 22 June 2017


Article by Telegraph Journal Photo by Robert Williams In her typical calm, dispassionate way, Auditor General Kim MacPherson has once again pulled back the curtain of government secrecy on a stunning abuse of taxpayers money. After paying a consulting firm, Ernst and Young, a staggering $13 million to find $47 million in savings in the Department of Social Development, the […]

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Province paid $13M to consultants to find $10M in savings — maybe: Telegraph-Journal – 20 June 2017


Article by Jacques Poitras Photo by Jacques Poitras A government-hired consulting firm was paid millions of dollars by New Brunswick taxpayers, despite not saving nearly as much money as promised, according to the province’s auditor general. Ernst & Young played a role in setting the terms of part of the contract the firm later bid on, which Kim MacPherson calls […]

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Speech for second reading of bill to eliminate political donations from corporations and trade unions


Here is the text of my speech written in the language in which it was spoken. It’s time that New Brunswick eliminate the role corporate money plays in politics. And the role politics plays in the spending decisions of businesses, and even some organizations and municipalities. A “pay to play” culture has existed across multiple governments over many years. I […]

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Bill to end political donations from corporations and trade unions to have second reading – 16 February 2017

David Coon

Fredericton – Today in the Legislative Assembly, David Coon, MLA for Fredericton South and Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick, will bring his amendments to the Political Process Financing Act forward for Second Reading. Bill 20, An Act to Amend the Political Process Financing Act will eliminate political donations from corporations and trade unions. “My bill is a […]

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Updated: Premier Brian Gallant suggesting against use of ‘quotas’ to ensure more women enter politics. TELEGRAPH JOURNAL – 11 January 2017


Adam Huras “That’s a standing policy of the Green Party,” Coon said, stating the party’s slate of candidates is to reflect the makeup of society. The Greens fielded 22 women out of a total of 46 candidates in 2014. “People bring their experiences to the table and women experience life differently than how men experience life,” Coon said. “It’s important […]

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New Brunswick’s first integrity commissioner appointed by premier. CBC – December 7, 2016.


By Jacques Poitras Retired New Brunswick Court of Appeal justice Alexandre Deschênes will become the province’s first integrity commissioner, an appointment supported by the opposition Progressive Conservatives and Green Party Leader David Coon. Premier Brian Gallant’s appointment of retired justice Alexandre Deschênes to the new post of integrity commissioner has the support of the two opposition parties in the legislature. […]

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