Coming Up April 23, 2015 : Debate at Second Reading Bill 11, Local Food Security Act

Please pass this on to those you know are interested.

On Thursday, April 23, 2015 Bill 11, Local Food Security Act will come  up for second reading (debate) in the Legislature. There is a total allocation of 120 minutes for this. Mr. Coon who introduced Bill 11, the Local Food Security Act  to the Legislature February 11, 2015 will have 20 minutes to open, each subsequent MLA will have 15 minutes and Mr. Coon can close with 10 minutes. It will start at 2:30pm or at around 4:30. We will be able to confirm the time on Monday maybe.


Here are the possibilities for Bill 11:

  1. It is passed at second reading and sent to committee for  further investigation. This committee will return at a later date with its recommendation to the Committee of the Whole and voted on.
  2. It is passed and does not go to committee. Here it may run the risk of going nowhere: ‘Dying on the order table’
  3. It is defeated.


It is always nice to have people in the gallery supporting a bill when debated.  If you let us know, call 506 457-6842 or email


Here is information you should look over if  you plan to come to the Legislature.  (most important bring picture ID necessary to get through security.)


Bill 11, Local Food Security Act.


If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.