Community Conversations: Ward 11 Meeting Deemed a Success.

Community Meeting East Platt jan-22community conversations flyerFrigid temperatures didn’t keep the people of Ward 11 from filling the Knights of Columbus Hall on Saturday, January 17, 2015.
An impressive potluck boasting an array of choices was welcomed by those entering from
the cold.

After short opening remarks from the hosts and a brief explanation of how the afternoon was to unfold, the first ever pot luck and community meeting for Ward 11 had begun.

To start, everyone sat at one of the many tables of eight. After each question was considered, participants were asked to scatter around to other tables in a musical chair type fashion. This provided an excellent opportunity to meet others in the room and share thoughts and ideas with neighbours. Facilitator Dennis Atchison focused the group with the  beat of a drum as we moved from table to table and question to question. All participants enthusiastically joined in.

Much conversation was generated as participants considered such questions as: What makes a community? What would make our community better? Highlights from the conversations recorded on colored sticky notes were shared table by table and were posted on the wall. The resulting visual display of what matters to the Ward 11 community was impressive. 

This conversation created the foundation for future dialogue and action in the ward: a place from which to move forward, an exciting opportunity for change and possibility.

The event was co-hosted by David Coon, MLA  for Fredericton South, and Ward 11 City Councillor, Kate Rogers.

For the next four years, David Coon plans to hold a series of community meetings in his Riding, in conjunction with the City Councillors, to hear from his constituents about their concerns and desires for their communities and the province.

The next community meeting will be held in Ward 10 with Councillor John MacDermid on Saturday, March 21, 12pm-3pm.

Tentative future dates are:
Saturday, April 18 12pm-3pm, the Hill (Stephen Chase)
Saturday, May 16 12pm-3pm, Skyline Acres (Greg Ericson)
Saturday, July 18 12pm-3pm, East Plat, Lower Hill (Kate Rogers)
Thursday, Sept.17 6pm-9pm, West Plat, Sunshine Gardens, Lower Hill (John MacDermid)

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