Fredericton Regional Museum – Tour a Local Treasure



On Monday, April 28th David Coon had the opportunity to visit and tour a local treasure: the Fredericton Region Museum. Museum Executive Director, Ruth Murgatroyd, met David at 10:00am to show him around the property. The tour began in a room dedicated to the history of downtown Fredericton and housed, among other things, the remains of the infamous Coleman Frog, the 42lb creature who lived in Kilarney Lake.


Ruth proceded to show David through room after room full of artefacts of local historical value. The collection included things like early medical and dental supplies, ancient First Nations arrowheads, uniforms and weapons of New Brunswick soldiers from various wars over the last two centuries, bicylces, bassinettes, and butter churns.

Since Ruth joined the Museum in 2008 she has made it her goal to inventory the entire collection and to continue acquiring pieces of historic value to the region. Currently she is working to prepare new exhibits which will trace the local history of hats, watches and cogs, and cancer.

The museum opens for its regular summer hours (10am-5pm 7 days a week) in July. Before then, you can contact Ruth at 506-455-6041 to set up a tour Tuesday through Saturday.