Hidden Faces of Poverty: Stories Untold


Poverty is an issue that, directly or indirectly, affects all New Brunswickers. Individuals living in poverty, specifically recipients of social assistance programs, face numerous barriers to their quality of life. Hidden Faces of Poverty: Stories Untold is an event dedicated to highlighting the impact of these barriers.

Social action interns Andrew Daniels, Emma Kilpatrick, Natalia Martinez and Taylor Newman from the St. Thomas University Post-Degree Bachelor of Social Work program, in conjunction with MLA David Coon’s Constituency Office are organizing this event to raise awareness about varied forms of government-enforced poverty.

Government-enforced poverty is a term that describes the cyclical nature of poverty, in which vulnerable individuals are forced into further vulnerability in order to receive any amount of resources from the government.

The objective of the event is to raise awareness about the Household Income Policy, which can disqualify individuals from receiving social assistance payments if they live with a roommate, and the fact that single adults in New Brunswick receive only $537 a month on social assistance. The ultimate goal would be to eliminate the Household Income Policy and to increase the amount of social assistance to a livable income.

Hidden Faces of Poverty: Stories Untold will take place on Friday, June 15 at the Wellness Centre, located at the Fredericton Multicultural Association, 28 Saunders Street. A panel discussion on poverty featuring panelists from the Common Front for Social Justice, the SUN committee, the Skigin-Elnoog Housing Corporation and Fredericton Outreach will be held from 11am – 1 pm, followed by a free BBQ from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.