Member’s Statement – International Day of Pink

Mr. Speaker, today is the International Day of Pink. 

Communities across Canada and around the world come together to raise awareness about homophobia, transphobia and all forms of bullying.  It began in a Nova Scotia high school when some students saw a gay student in a pink shirt being bullied, so they went out and got pink shirts.  A few days later the entire school was wearing pink, except for the bullies.  The message? Their schoolmates were not going to accept their behaviour.   The message is clear, working together we can stop victimization and bullying.  We see this at work everyday in New Brunswick schools with Gay-Straight Alliances.  I am wearing my pink shirt day, and I say thank you to the students and teachers who make GSAs work in their schools, and urge administrators to encourage GSAs where they don’t exist. Thank you Mr. Speaker

Member’s Statement – International Day of Pink, MLA David Coon, député, Fredericton-sud, chef du Parti vert, Le mardi 07 avril 2015