Introduction of Motion: Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy – October 31, 2017

I give notice that on November 9, 2017 I shall move the following resolution, seconded by the member from Fredericton-York:
WHEREAS alcohol is the leading cause of injury and death in Canada;
WHEREAS a 2012 Stats Canada survey found that 20% of New Brunswickers were heavy drinkers;
WHEREAS excessive drinking bears numerous known health risks including cancer and cardiovascular disease;
WHEREAS the availability and visibility of alcohol has increased in New Brunswick with the increase in agency stores and the introduction of wine in grocery stores;
WHEREAS increased availability and visibility of alcohol results in greater consumption rates;
WHEREAS NB Liquor is neither tracking the effects of nor implementing public awareness campaigns along with this increased availability;
WHEREAS New Brunswick’s tobacco control strategy has reduced smoking prevalence and lung cancer mortality;
WHEREAS a comprehensive strategy aimed at reducing alcohol consumption can help to reduce alcohol harm;
BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Legislative Assembly urge the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health to develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce alcohol consumption and alcohol related injuries and deaths in the province.