It’s Time for Better Recycling Services

In response to the frequent concern about recycling expressed by constituents and participants in his Community Gatherings, David has been pushing the government to develop a provincial waste reduction strategy. 1 Waste Tour Photo 2016

David isn’t the only one pushing for better recycling. Students in STU’s Capstone seminar on Human Rights took on recycling as a human rights issue and lobbied the city to provide recycling to apartments and condominiums. They presented to Fredericton City Council with an open letter and a petition signed by more than 820 people.

“This campaign allowed me to apply the research, writing, and advocacy skills that I learned in the classroom,” said Noah Turner, one of the students involved, “while addressing a real-life issue that affects many Frederictonians.”

David supported the students’ efforts and visited their class to discuss with them what the province can and should do to improve recycling. He had also prepared four motions to table at the legislature, which the students reviewed and on which they provided feedback. Unfortunately the motions were never tabled, but the discussion was valuable for both David and the students.

Noah concluded: “(David’s) expertise expanded my understanding a great deal, and reinforced why we must continue to raise awareness regarding the environment and human rights to ensure that everyone in society will be able to exercise their right to a healthy environment.”