Media Statement: David Coon leaves for Paris

Hello All. Thank you for being here today. I’d like to take a few minutes to discuss my upcoming trip to Paris to participate in the international climate talks at COP21. You have in your packages an itinerary of the events I plan to attend and descriptions of those events. I will also be tweeting and broadcasting videos live using Periscope.

I want to draw your attention to the meetings on December 8th which focus on cities and other subnational governments. I will be looking to these presentations to help provide guidance on how we in NB can overhaul our own climate action plan. We know right now that we need to cut emissions and we need to cut our primary energy consumption. This means we need to rethink how we produce and consume electricity, how we power our vehicles, and how we heat our homes. There are other provinces and states that have laid the groundwork for doing this while at the same time breathing life into their economies by investing in green infrastructure, clean technology and green jobs. This can and should become the New Brunswick story.

In addition to the events listed on the itinerary I will be making myself available as a resource to the Premier. My experience in climate change and energy policy means that I can be a real asset to the New Brunswick delegation.

I am honoured to be part of the New Brunswick contingent on the Canadian delegation to the UN Climate Conference.  I hope on our return we are able to bring the sense of momentum that is building in Paris back to New Brunswick and work to build low carbon economy in partnership with Ottawa and the other Maritime provinces.  Paris represents a turning point for the world as we confront the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced.  It will mark a turning point for New Brunswick too.

Itinerary of Events