Member’s Statement: Back in the Legislature after COP21 Climate Conference – 10 December 2015

Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to be back in the legislature this morning after an informative and empowering few days participating in the COP21 Climate Conference this week. Mr. Speaker, New Brunswick and the Maritimes as a region are well positioned to become Canada’s first low carbon society.

We have abundant renewable resources, there is cutting edge research and development going on in UNB’s Faculty of Engineering, we already have pioneering enterprises in green construction and clean technology manufacturing.

There is a window of opportunity. It’s time for us to seize the day or the world is going to pass us by. Timing is everything and we have reached the moment where we need to go boldly forward to wean our region from fossil fuels.  The old model of regional development, the mania for megaprojects, and the more recent obsession with pipelines and shale gas are dead ends.  It is imperative we develop our economies, so let’s use the transition to green energy, green transportation, and green buildings as driving forces.

It is crystal clear where the puck is going.  We don’t want to be left warming the bench.