Member’s Statement: Crown Lands and Forest Act

Mr. Speaker, the 33-year-old Crown Lands and Forest Act is out-of-date.  It is unjust to independent sawmills, it is unjust to private woodlot owners, it has failed our rural communities, it ignores our treaty relationship with First Nations, it has failed to conserve our Acadian forest and its watersheds, and it has never returned the wealth inherent in our timber resources to support our healthcare, schools and roads.  Corporation after corporation have handsomely profited from our natural resources, with the benefit of a plethora of public subsidies, leaving little to support our public services, and now we stand mired in public debt.  I hold in my hand an on-line petition signed by more than 5,000 New Brunswickers calling on Government to revamp the Crown Lands and Forests Act.  Mr. Speaker, I join these New Brunswickers in supporting a complete overhaul of the Crown Lands and Forests Act. Thank you Mr. Speaker.

Members’ Statement – Crown Lands and Forest Act
David Coon, MLA, Fredericton South
Leader of the Green Party
Tuesday, February 10th, 2015