Member`s Statement: Debate on fracking for shale gas

 Mr. Speaker. After listening to the debate on fracking for shale gas last Thursday, Mr. Speaker, I was amazed that our climate crisis was never mentioned. The recent severe weather is a reminder that we are in a time of rapid climate change. That’s why the world is in Peru trying to forge an agreement to avoid the most disastrous impacts of climate change. The age of ever-increasing production and consumption of fossil fuels is coming to an end. In New Brunswick, we must focus our economic development efforts in the energy sector on the abundant opportunities presented by the imperative to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels – on energy efficiency, on the smart grid, on tapping into our abundant sources of renewable energy, on public transportation, and on green buildings. Thank you Mr. Speaker


Member`s Statement: Debate on Fracking for Shale Gas

Tuesday December 16, 2015

David Coon, Fredericton South MLA

Leader of the Green Party of NB