Member’s Statement: Lyme Disease, 1 April 2016

Mr. Speaker, I hear regularly from New Brunswickers living with chronic Lyme Disease, which is not recognized in Canada. Those who can afford it, travel to receive treatment from U.S. physicians who are able to prescribe the extended use of antibiotics. They get better. Those who can’t, continue to suffer and are unable to work.
Members of the previous legislature passed a motion unanimously on June 20, 2013 requesting that the Department of Health find solutions to this growing problem. It does not appear that any such action has been taken. The need for action is becoming ever more urgent as lyme disease carrying ticks continue to expand their range in New Brunswick. A bill introduced by federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May to create a national framework for dealing with lyme disease was adopted in the House of Commons with all party support. A conference to begin this work will be held next month. I trust the Minister of Health will ensure New Brunswick is well represented.