Member’s Statement: MLA Code of Conduct

Mr. Speaker, the report from the Atcon conflict of interest inquiry recommended this House give consideration to adopting a code of conduct for members and minister.  The Commissioner wrote that, “An enumerated Code of Ethics would facilitate the members understanding in determining their obligations vis-à-vis the public interest. Instead of making a misstep that could be politically crippling or even worse, the member could reference the code and avoid a pitfall.”  Mr. Speaker, this is exactly what my Motion 21 would do.  Mr. Speaker, as the Atcon affair falls into the “even worse” category, I would hope the Chair of the Procedures, Privileges and Legislative Officers Committee would convene a meeting as soon as possible to consider the substance of my motion.  Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Member’s Statement – MLA Code of Conduct
David Coon, MLA, Fredericton-South,
Leader of the Green Party
Friday, March 27, 2015