Member’s Statement: Public Transit and Access to Healthcare – 18 February 2016

One of the hidden barriers to accessing health care is the lack of public transportation in our province.  Here in Fredericton, women in my constituency must go to Oromocto for mammograms to be screened for breast cancer.  If they can’t afford a cab ride all the way to Oromocto, they just don’t get screened for breast cancer. Until recently the Red Cross could organize rides for people to get to their appointments, but that service has been cut.  There are examples of this all over the province, where New Brunswickers are not getting the health care they should, because they lack the public transportation services they need to access essential health services.   Interestingly enough, Prime Minister Trudeau is eager to roll out infrastructure spending on public transit across Canada to stimulate the economy. How can we lose?  We need to boost the economy and New Brunswickers need access to public transit services so they can take care of their health, or get to a job, or pick-up groceries, or visit a family member.  It’s an essential service.  It’s time to pick up the phone and give Justin a call.