Member’s Statement – Reflection May 6, 2015

Mr. Speaker, this morning I was reflecting on how parents must feel who are facing increased childcare costs. I was reflecting on how the women who operate and work at private child care centres must feel as they contemplate closing their centres or laying off staff and charging their parents more. I was reflecting on how single mothers must feel who are just scraping by to keep their children in childcare while they work or attend school to better their prospects, but now may have to drop out or quit work because they will no longer be able to afford childcare.   I was reflecting on the women who work in hospital cleaning and food services fearful of being laid off or having their pay cut by the foreign corporation who will be sold the management of these public services. When cuts are made without thinking about consequences, considerable harm will be done. I hope the Premier is reflecting on this Mr. Speaker.

Member’s Statement – Reflection , MLA David Coon, député, Fredericton-sud, chef du Parti vert, Le mai 6, 2015