Member’s Statement – Revenue Shortage – May 13, 2015

Mr. Speaker, Medical Heads of Staff have written the government to say their hospitals are in overcapacity gridlock and the current system is in crisis. The same could be said for our mental health care system, Mr. Speaker. The same could be said for our senior care system. It could be said for primary health care system, particularly in Fredericton. And Mr. Speaker, it could be said for our system of social housing. The current government has inherited these crises as a result of years of willful neglect from previous governments that hacked away at our revenue from corporate taxes to resource royalties. The pretense has been that we can provide essential services for nothing and that there are no consequences for selling our natural resources for nothing. It is time Mr. Speaker to bring our corporate tax rates to parity with those of the rest of the Maritimes and charge fairly for natural resource exploitation. Thank you Mr. Speaker.

Member’s Statement – Revenue Shortage , MLA David Coon, May  13, 2015