Member’s Statement: Shutting Down Solutions – 16 February 2016

Last Thursday in my member’s statement I talked about the important role that MLAs have to exercise control over the work of the Executive Branch, the premier and the cabinet. That’s where the checks and balances on power are built- right into our legislative assembly. At that time we had been told by the government that we’d be sitting for 48 days between now and the summer time. But since that time a new calendar has been released, the old one tossed out the window, and there are only 12 sitting days left between now essentially and November. This is extraordinary. Not only does that reduce the ability of MLAs to hold the government accountable, but it actually shuts down solutions. For example I have tabled four different bills promoting solutions concerning job creation, transparency in government, freedom of speech, and first nations education along with a motion to establish a job description for MLAs. Now with only 12 sitting days remaining instead of 48 there’s only going to be time to talk about one of those solutions. So the change in the calendar has essentially shut down much of those discussions about solutions. The Premier has said that he wants the opposition parties to propose solutions. He wants to be collaborative, but the new calendar shuts down solutions so that’s not going to happen.