Member’s Statement: Youth Mental Health – May 12, 2015

Mr. Speaker, on Friday during budget committee estimates, I asked the Minister of Health about money budgeted for Mental Health. When I asked for details, the answers I received were vague and unclear. Clearly, there is no sense of urgency to address the barriers to access to mental health care experienced by youth or anyone else, never mind preventative initiatives to improve the mental fitness of youth.  Our mental health care system is dangerously deficient. For children and youth with very complex mental health needs, government’s solution is to build a bricks and mortar institution tucked away in Campbellton. I am deeply concerned at what appears to be a flagrant disregard for meeting the mental health needs of New Brunswickers.

Thank you Mr. Speaker

Member’s Statement – Youth Mental Health, MLA David Coon, député, Fredericton-sud, chef du Parti vert, Le mai 12, 2015