Member’s Statemets: Middle School Students Speak

Mr. Speaker, I spent some time last week in the middle schools in my riding attending a student think tank and a student forum. I thought it would be of interest to the members to hear about some of the student’s priorities.   For the students living out of town, they were concerned about the winter condition of the roads they walk down to catch their bus. There was plenty of insightful concern about the new marking system that is being piloted.  There were suggestions for a meal program at lunch for classmates who couldn’t afford food, like the breakfast program that is provided. Some felt it would be helpful if they had access to a nurse in their school. There was much discussion about the need for more nutritious food in their cafeteria, more local food, and better tasting food.  As one student told me, “Mr. Coon something called a Blueberry Mango Smoothie sounds like it should be really good, but it tastes really bad, and it looks worse.”

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.