My Community at a Glance – New Brunswick Health Council

reportsThe New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC) has a mandate of reporting on the performance of the health system and engaging citizens in improving health services.  Each year, they produce a significant number of reports and surveys which provide a picture of the changes in our health system and the health of the population.

As such, in 2014 they produced a series of 33 community profiles entitled My Community at a Glance.

The goal of My Community at a Glance is to empower individuals and groups with information about our communities and stimulate interest in building healthier communities. It can help us towards becoming increasingly engaged healthier New Brunswickers.

The information provided in this profile gives a comprehensive
view about the people who live, learn, work, take part in activities
and in community life in this area. The information included in
this profile comes from a variety of provincial and federal sources,
from either surveys or administrative databases.
Having the ability to access local information relating to children,
youth, adults and seniors for a community is important to support
planning and targeted strategies but more importantly it can
build on the diversity and uniqueness of each community.

These community profiles contain:

  • Demographic data, such as population density, birth rate and the number of seniors and youth living in the community.
  • Data on health-related behaviour such as healthy diet, physical activity, and alcohol and tobacco usage within the community.
  • Data on social and economic factors such as the main industries present in the community, average income, and level of education of community residents.
  • Data on health services including obstacles, testing, prevention and the level of satisfaction with the services.