N.B. Green Party Leader going outside legislature to get bill passed – CTV News – 20 February 2016

coverage by Laura Brown, CTV

The leader of New Brunswick’s Green Party is going outside the legislature to drum up support for a bill he’s trying to get passed.

On a tour through the province, David Coon has been speaking to New Brunswickers about his Green Jobs Bill with hopes of generating public pressure so the Liberals and Conservatives will pass it.

About 60 people packed a cafe in Fredericton on Saturday trying to learn more about the bill. It would mean that government would have to make more of an effort in supporting green industries, and in turn, create green jobs.

Garth Hood is a passive house consultant – it’s a construction concept that builds homes to be as energy efficient as possible.

“Having a bill that states those things and has targets gives a signal to investors that look this is the kind of thing that we need to invest in,” said Hood.

Right now, building a passive house in Fredericton means importing much of the materials

But Hood says that doesn’t have to happen.

“We could be creating the windows that we now import from Europe here in New Brunswick. We could create the ventilation systems again that we import from Europe here in New Brunswick. We could make insulation out of wood, a value-added product,” said Hood.

He says the bill could mean this industry could find a real home in the area and potentially export materials throughout North America

Examples, Coon says, we need to be thinking more about

“To grow the economy locally around energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean technology, public transit, even,” said Coon.

While he convinced many in this room, it will be Liberals and Conservatives who decide the fate of this bill.

Its second reading is in April.