Our Neighbours: Charlie

photo courtesty of: Kelly Baker Photography

What it’s like to be a physically fluid lesbian in Fredericton?

It’s difficult to be a physically fluid lesbian in Fredericton because a lot of people don’t understand that sexuality is not black and white. I am solely emotionally attracted to females but I do not fit what people recognize as “lesbian”, so as you can assume I have to explain my sexuality a lot. But, I have learned to realize you cannot fit me exactly into one labeled box because those boxes are social constructs that don’t actually exist. The stereotypes and categorization of sexual orientation need to be made obsolete. We as a society need to look past these labeled restrictions because no one needs to be defined or explained. You don’t owe an explanation to anyone for what will make you happy so I have stopped explaining. It has been easier since then. I know who I am; that is all that matters.

What could you do to make my day better?

People could make my day better by realizing someone’s own sexuality is no-one’s business but their own. You can choose to love whomever you please however you please as long as it’s safe and consensual. It is natural to love another human being but it is difficult to create judgments and hatred towards someone. Choose the easy path. Withhold judgments and realize that every individual is complex and unspeakably beautiful no matter how or with whom they choose to live their lives. Learning to love yourself is hard. It takes time to let yourself grow into the irreplaceable person you are. But, speaking from experience, no matter the judgments and the confusion, I am who I am, and that is enough. You are enough too, always.

We live in a richly diverse community, but we sometimes don’t see the unique and beautiful individuals and families who live in Fredericton South. Many members of our community are overlooked, some are invisible, and sometimes they are Othered. In the coming months, I want to introduce you to some of our neighbours. They are us. You’ll find our Profiles series on our website starting with this one profiling members of our LGBTQ community and continuing with distinct communities each season.