Property Tax: Member Statement – 31 March 2017

Here is my Member’s statement.

The latest revelation on the property tax fiasco by CBC suggested that Service New Brunswick fabricated renovation values for over 2,000 homes, driving tax increases above the 10% cap.

Sitting in this Assembly in the last three weeks, I’ve heard the back and forth of my colleagues, as each day brought forward some new injustice or mistake in property tax assessments. There is a lot of heat, but not light yet.

The solution is we have to get to the bottom of this problem and build a new system that is fair and accurate. So we need a commission of inquiry to conduct a comprehensive form of the property tax system to restore fairness and accuracy.

Today is the final day of sitting for the Legislature before the house adjourns for three weeks. I’m hoping the Minister of Finance, today, will announce her intent to establish a committee of inquiry to make recommendations on how we can transform our property tax system to be fair for New Brunswickers.