Invitation to Community Gathering #2 : Ward 11, January 17, 2015

Fredericton South MLA David Coon and Ward 11 City Councillor Kate Rogers invite residents from the East Plat and the Lower Hill neighbourhoods to join their neighbours to talk about what matters most about their community and the future for the city and the province.

The community meeting will be held on Saturday, January 17 at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 170 Regent Street. Starting with a potluck at noon, the facilitated meeting will run from 1pm-3pm. Please join us, and bring something edible to share if you can!

To get an idea about what to expect, watch the video from David’s first community meeting in Skyline Acres here.

For the next four years, David Coon plans to hold a series of community meetings in his Riding, in conjunction with the City Councillors in that Riding to hear from his constituents about their concerns and desires for their communities and the province.

The next community meeting will be held in Ward 10 with Councillor John MacDermid on Saturday, March 21, 12pm-3pm.

Tentative future dates are:
Saturday, April 18 12pm-3pm, the Hill (Stephen Chase)
Saturday, May 16 12pm-3pm, Skyline Acres (Greg Ericson)
Saturday, July 18 12pm-3pm, East Plat, Lower Hill (Kate Rogers)
Saturday, Sept. 19 12pm-3pm, West Plat, Sunshine Gardens, Lower Hill (John MacDermid)