Sitting parties prepare as countdown to New Brunswick election begins – Global News – 25 September 2017

Author by : Jeremy Keefe
Video by : Jeremy Keefe

WATCH: With now less than one year to go before the 2018 provincial election the parties occupying seats at the legislature are ramping up efforts to secure votes. Jeremy Keefe has more.

The countdown to the 2018 New Brunswick provincial election is on as less than one year remains before residents head to the polls.

With the race beginning to heat up, those occupying seats in the legislature are planning on ramping up efforts to win votes.

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon is eyeing an increase in seats for his party when he looks to regain the seat that gave the party it’s first in the legislature.

To add to their presence would be similar to what’s been seen over the past two elections in British Columbia, electing Andrew Weaver in 2013 and two more this past spring.

“The sense of being tired of flipping and flopping between the Conservatives and the Liberals every four years and not getting anywhere has become quite palpable around the province,” Coon said. “We really need to be looking to where we’ve got to get to not backwards to where we’ve been.”

“New Brunswick can’t risk another majority government,” he said. “I think that’s becoming clear to most of us that if we want good governance, we can’t have another majority government.”

Official Opposition Leader Blaine Higgs has been critical of the Liberal government’s spending following a tax hike in 2016.

Higgs says if elected Premier he wouldn’t immediately undo every move made by the current government but rather evaluate the province’s situation and work collaboratively towards improving it.

“I don’t want to reinvent any wheels,” Higgs said.

“I want to know what’s been accomplished in the last four years because I want to build on any successes that are there,” he explained. “We know there’s been a lot of money spent, so what’s been accomplished with that?”

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Deputy House Leader Lisa Harris believes the Strategic Program Review gave the government the necessary room to ensure they could invest in their pillar priorities such as education, health care and the economy without cutting services New Brunswickers held dear.

Harris says re-election for her government means continuing on a path that’s leading to an improved economy, growing workforce, and diminished deficit.

“Even though we’re in tight times, tight financial times we’re still making sure that we have investments and great care for our seniors,” she explained. “Once we get a hold of the deficit and have a balanced budget that’s when we’re going to be able to invest even more in our programs.”

The provincial election is set to take place on Sept. 24, 2018