Small Business Saturday 2016

Local businesses are an important part of our community. Locally owned businesses reinvest their revenue in the local economy, enriching the whole community. I’m proud to say that Fredericton has some great small businesses. Here are a few located downtown.


“Here at Graystone, we serve the beer we make and we also serve the beer made by other local micro-breweries. I think this will benefit the local beer industry and draw more customers to us to sample the beers in our community. – Wes Ward, Co-owner”


Westminster Books

Westminster Books is more than a book store, they also run an active book club, engaging local readers.


Coffee and Friends and Read’s Newsstand & Cafe

Both of these coffee shops serve coffee in mugs to people that stay, a homey way to reduce waste. Both coffee shops add so much character to the Fredericton downtown core.

Coffee and Friends


Read’s Newsstand & Cafe