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Question Period: Midwifery – 18 December 2015

The following is the preliminary Hansard transcript of the Question Period on December 18, 2015 recorded in the language it was originally spoken. Mr. Coon: Last May, the Minister of Health addressed some questions that I had during question period regarding the integration of midwives into our health care system. At that time, he said, “it is very clear that we are […]

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Question Period: Rising Healthcare Costs?: Solutons Staring us in the Face – May 6,2015

Mr. Coon: The government is constantly asking opposition members for solutions. When it comes to improving health care and reducing costs, solutions are staring the Minister of Health in the face. Yesterday, in my member’s statement, I said that midwives were able to provide 87% of essential care to women and newborns and substantially reduce costs with better  outcomes for […]

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Member’s Statement: Midwifery

Mr. Speaker, This government has asked for solutions to help the province balance its books. Today is the International Day of the Midwife and I would like to take the opportunity to highlight the role midwives can play in reducing the costs of our health care system. Mid-wives can provide 87% of essential care for women and newborns at an […]

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