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Why Liberal and PC MLAs rarely ‘go Long’ and vote against their parties – CBCNews – 12 October 2017


It’s exceedingly rare to see a Liberal or PC MLA break ranks with their party in the provincial legislature. (Jacques Poitras/CBC) Author by : Jacques Poitras Photo by : Jacques Poitras If members are unwilling to exercise their authority as given to them by their constituents on the floor of the legislative assembly, there are no checks and balances on […]

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Sitting parties prepare as countdown to New Brunswick election begins – Global News – 25 September 2017


Author by : Jeremy Keefe Video by : Jeremy Keefe WATCH: With now less than one year to go before the 2018 provincial election the parties occupying seats at the legislature are ramping up efforts to secure votes. Jeremy Keefe has more. The countdown to the 2018 New Brunswick provincial election is on as less than one year remains before […]

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New splintered public health system in N.B. will hurt, former top doctor says – CBCnews – 18 September 2017


Author by : CBCNews Photo by : CBCNews Changes the Liberal government has made to New Brunswick’s public health system will hurt more than help, says a former chief medical officer of health. “I had a hard time believing that the government was going ahead with this kind of dismantling of public health,” said Wayne MacDonald, who spent 10 years […]

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Big-Hearted Contracts for Multi-Nationals


This was one of those weeks where cynicism hovered over the Legislative committee room threatening to soak my sense of hope that politicians can do better. Auditor General Kim McPherson presented the first volume of her work for the year to our Public Accounts Committee. Our job is to ensure that Departments spend the budgets approved by the Legislative Assembly […]

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“It’s Incredible! I just could not believe my eyes!”- Jean-Claude Basque – 21 June 2017


By Jean-Claude Basque It’s Incredible! I just could not believe my eyes! Moncton – “These are just a few of the nice words that came to my mind when I read the news about the Department of Social Development paying Ernst and Young $13.2 million dollars without even going to the tender process.“ says Johanne Petitpas, co-chair of the Common […]

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Government consultant paid $13M for $10M in savings – Telegraph-Journal – 20 June 2017


Article by Robert Williams Photo by Robert Williams It is extraordinary that this is happening. They’re issuing contracts for over $12 million without any clear objectives, without any clear measurables, without any clear deliverables, that seem to have been drawn up by the consultant on the consultant letterhead. – David Coon New Brunswick’s auditor general is blaming a “culture of […]

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N.B. editorial: Take auditor general’s findings to heart – Telegraph-Journal – 22 June 2017


Article by Telegraph Journal Photo by Robert Williams In her typical calm, dispassionate way, Auditor General Kim MacPherson has once again pulled back the curtain of government secrecy on a stunning abuse of taxpayers money. After paying a consulting firm, Ernst and Young, a staggering $13 million to find $47 million in savings in the Department of Social Development, the […]

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