Declaration of Intent: An agreement by MLAs to collaborate based on shared values

Whereas the results of the recent provincial election are unprecedented in New Brunswick’s history;

Whereas the seat distribution challenges all elected representatives to find a way to work together in the best interest of all citizens;

Whereas high rates of poverty, climate change, reconciliation with First Nations, and growing fiscal and ecological debts represent critical challenges for New Brunswick;

Whereas members of the Legislative Assembly must be committed to finding common ground that reflects the foundational principles upon which our society is built, including:

    – The recognition and affirmation of aboriginal and treaty rights of the indigenous peoples of New Brunswick;

    – The equality of the English and French linguistic communities both in principle and in practice, including the right be served in English or French by government, and the right to distinct educational and cultural institutions;

    – The right to a healthy and safe environment;

    – Respect for the autonomy and authority of the Legislative Assembly, to ensure good and accountable governance.

Be it resolved that we, the undersigned, commit to working collaboratively with all members of the Legislative Assembly who share these goals.