Green Jobs Act

Last year, David introduced Bill 5, the Green Jobs Act. If passed, this bill would have brought transformational growth to New Brunswick while reducing our dependance on fossil fuels. The transition toward a low carbon economy provides such potential to stimulate economic growth in our rural communities and our urban centres.

The Green Jobs Act had the unanimous support of all members in the house at second reading last year, however the session ended before it could pass through the committee stage and third reading. On Wednesday, 9 November 2016, David reintroduced the Green Jobs Act, Bill 7, which will create the conditions for growth in the manufacturing, energy efficiency, renewable energy, information and clean technology, and forestry and agriculture sectors. It has been tabled just in time to factor into the province’s climate change plan currently under development.

In plain terms the bill:

– sets enforceable targets around energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable energy for heating, transportation and electricity generation.
– establishes a public agency designed to drive investment and innovation in renewable energy, energy efficiency and public transportation.
– amends the Electricity Act to support New Brunswickers in their individual and collective efforts to build a green economy

You can read the full text of the bill here.