Green party leader’s Energy Security Act to receive second reading

Fredericton –Green Party leader David Coon’s bill to create jobs in upgrading the energy efficiency of homes and transitioning to clean, green renewable energy will be debated at second reading in the Legislature on Thursday.

“If the Green Energy Security Act is adopted, our hardware stores and building centres will be buzzing with business, and our carpenters and electricians will have their hands full with work,” said the Green Party leader, who is also the MLA for Fredericton South. This is what a green economy can deliver to New Brunswickers in every corner of the province,” said Coon.

If passed, the Energy Security Act would establish a Crown Corporation, Renew New Brunswick, to provide financing and incentives to cut people’s energy bills and expand the use of renewable energy.

“We need to establish the conditions for green job creation , to strengthen our local economies, and sustain our communities,” said Coon. “Renew New Brunswick would bring about economic renewal in every corner our province as it propels the green energy transition forward. I hope my fellow members will support this bill.”