How it Works: Right to Information Request PART II

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How do you file a Right to Information (RTI) request?

Filing an RTI is a 4-step process.

  1. Determine which public body is most likely to have the information you are looking for and get the relevant contact information from the Directory of Public Bodies
  2. Select the right form for you:
  3. You must fill out the application form including the following details:
    • A description of what you are looking for, including the subject matter of your request and the time, place and nature of the information. Be as specific as possible here
    • Your name and mailing address
    • Your e-mail address
    • A telephone number where you can be reached
    • The date of the request
    • The name of the business organization on behalf of which you are making the request, if any
    • Whether you are asking to examine a record (i.e. in person, at the public body’s location)
    • Whether you are asking for a copy of a record and (where it is possible to send the record electronically) whether you are able to receive the record by electronic means.
  4. Send your request to the head of the relevant public body by e-mail or Canada Post.