Member’s Statement – Senior Care – May 8 2015

Mr. Speaker, seniors know what it means to pay their fair share, to be careful with money, to value family and ones independence, to make hard and at times painful decisions.

What I am hearing from seniors today is that they are angry! Angry at being taken for granted, there was not a word about seniors care during the election debates. Now all we hear is fear mongering and confusing information.

We need to talk about home care, home care workers, a full range of housing options, not just higher level high cost Nursing Homes, we need to talk about accessible transportation, programs that build seniors capacity and their ability to contribute more fully in our communities.

No one wants to live in an institution unless as a last resort, rather we want help, to be able to live in and contribute to our local community.

It’s time to not just talk about Nursing Homes and fear monger amongst ourselves, we have work to do and we need to get on with building a long term care program seniors want and need.

Thank you Mr. Speaker

Member’s Statement – Senior Care , MLA David Coon, député, Fredericton-sud, chef du Parti vert, Le mai 8, 2015