Time to refocus priorities: A Statement by the Green Party Leader on International Nurses Day

Fredericton – David Coon, MLA for Fredericton South and Leader of the Green party of New Brunswick made the following statement in recognition of International Nurses Day (May 12).

“Reporting this spring by Michael Robinson at the Telegraph Journal revealed that that nursing shortages are plaguing our hospitals. This exacerbates already long wait-times in our hospitals and is resulting in burnout for nurses, particularly in the emergency rooms of our city hospitals like the Chalmers in Fredericton, the Saint John Regional, and the Moncton hospitals.”

“Yet despite the nursing shortage, new nursing graduates are leaving the Province to accept permanent full-time jobs elsewhere because they are not being offered in New Brunswick. I find this incredible,” said the Green Party leader.

“The theme of International Nurses Day is ‘health is a human right’. The greatest tribute government could pay to nurses on this day is to ensure the regional health authorities start offering permanent full-time work for new nursing graduates,” said Coon.